Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Benefits and Advantages of Online Learning Courses

In the new-age workplace, knowledge is a great asset. Thus training and learning is a continuous process in the corporate world. Learning and Development managers have to explore effective ways of learning, and online learning courses are fast becoming the perfect route for new-age learning. Catering to the varied learning needs, online learning courses open a world of possibilities where learners can access learning as per their schedules – anytime and anywhere.

Keeping in mind the needs of the organization and the learner, variety of online learning courses can be developed for an organization. With the right blend of learning strategy and technology, the new age learning space can benefit a lot from online learning courses.

Some benefits of online learning courses:

  • In the existing climate of financial turmoil, costs and budgets are of serious concern to most organizations – big or small. Developing online learning courses can bring huge returns for an organization – in terms of moneys as well as impactful learning. Arranging for a training session brings with it a lot of expenditure: travel, stay, equipment etc. Online learning courses reach employees across all locations, and this mode of learning does not necessitate travel.

  • An organization also makes a lot of time savings from online learning courses. Planning for trainings can be tedious as the availability of learners as well as trainers needs to be kept in mind. Often, unnecessary delays occur due to incompatibility of various schedules. With online learning courses, time spent on arranging for training can be fruitfully spent on other pressing matters -- freeing most managers to handle their teams better.

  • Online learning courses can also be created swiftly and delivered with ease. Existing trainings or content can be creatively converted into online learning courses and delivered across technology-aided learning platforms. Trainers can also be involved to provide a blend of e-learning and traditional classroom training. Modules can also be updated as and when the content requires upgrading or the learner needs change.

  • Evaluation: A key ingredient to learning is the evaluation. e-Learning ensures that effectiveness of a course is open to evaluation by the organization. Learning management systems (LMS) and other assessment engines can give regular updates of the learner’s progress through the course, the problem areas, or even raise flags if the learner is slacking! This is a useful tool at the hands of a manager or the HR team. Knowing the skills and knowledge acquired by a learner helps to ascertain their capabilities and further helps them in assigning responsibilities.

  • Learning can be a tedious process for many learners. But most learners endure a training session because it is necessary or mandatory. With online learning courses, learning content can be made more interesting and impactful. Text heavy or instructional courses can be lightened by graphics, audio-visuals or even interactive sessions -- which involve a learner -- as opposed to just providing pertinent information. This generates a heightened interest in the course content as a whole – all leading to the culmination of effective learning.
The benefits of online learning are now being utilized by organizations across the world. With developing technology and newer learning strategies, online learning is growing and so are its many advantages and benefits.


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