Wednesday, 4 February 2015

M-Learning is the Best Technology for People who want to Learn – anytime, anywhere

M-Learning or mobile-based learning has emerged as the new technology for learning in the modern era. Keeping par with the growing availability of mobile devices, they are being utilized as devices that offer much more than just calling facility. Modern learners are realizing the power of knowledge and thus want to learn anytime and anywhere. This explains the growing popularity of mLearning in India as well as in the global market.

In addition, modern technologies are also making sure that m-Learning development is more streamlined, standardized as well as budget-friendly. Thus m-Learning is the most preferred way of learning for the modern learners -

·         Modern learners can access learning content on mobile devices very easily and do not have to be trained, especially for the mobile delivery. This creates a shorter learning curve as the content can be developed and made available in a continuous flow – as per the needs of the learners.

·         Developers are also realizing that mobile learning is not the same as e-Learning in a different format. So, creating content which is just compatible to the mobile platform is not enough. The content developed for mobile learning should be as per the strengths and limitations of the platform. It is difficult to read long documents on the smaller mobile screen. So, smaller learning nuggets work best for the mobile platform – with minimum text but other media inclusions like graphics, audio and video.

·         A lot of variety of mobile content is being created to cater to the different needs and preferences of the modern learners. M-Learning can be created to include a lot of interactivity – including audio and video-based learning, which can be utilized very well on the mobile platform. For learners too, it is easier to assimilate compared to plain text-based learning courses. 

·         With time and evolving technologies, mobile learning technology is also fast changing to create and deliver impactful learning. Mobile learning content does not have to be created separately. HTML5 is being progressively used to create mobile learning content for multi-device delivery. The content is suited for multiple devices and has the same viewing experience as well. In addition, web-responsive technology can also be utilized to create mobile learning content that aligns itself as per the specifications of the viewing device.

Mobile learning is now an established way of training in the corporate sector – more so because new-age learners are more open to the idea of learning. With growing interest in the area and newer technology, m-Learning is certainly the future of learning.

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