Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Steps to Choose Successful Learning Management System Vendors

With growing training needs, corporate organizations now need a system of training delivery that delivers learning and tracks it on a continual basis. Modern LMSs not only deliver learner, but manage the entire training process of an organization – including assigning e-courses, management of classroom training or blended learning, populating regular custom reports as well as assessing learners. Thus, when choosing a Learning Management System Vendor, we need to keep some important points in mind – to get the maximum ROI and deliver impactful learning.

  • Learning Management System Vendor should provide a system that helps the learners find pertinent learning material quickly and efficiently. If the structure and navigation of the LMS is complicated, the Learning Management System Vendor may need to make necessary changes to suit the audiences. It is important to make sure that the LMS has features that support learning objectives. Extra functionalities make a LMS difficult to navigate and the complexity scares most learners.
  • Learning Management System Vendor should make sure that the Learning Management System is able to comply and get integrated with existing systems. When Learning Management System Vendor successfully integrates the learning platform with HRMS and other software it is easier to track learners and align their learning with other activities in the organization.
  • Learning Management System Vendor should also provide ‘on demand’ learning for the learners in an organization. L&D managers can generate collated reports of learner’s comments and suggestion. This can be shared with the Learning Management System Vendor, who can keep aligning the content as per their needs.
  • Learning Management System Vendor should also provide a LMS that is mobile-compatible to aid the needs of the modern learner who spends a considerable time on mobile devices. This increases the accessibility of the learner and also aligns it as per the just-in-time needs of the learner. With the mobile access of LMS, the learner accesses content not only when he ‘has to’ but when he ‘needs to’.
  • The Learning Management System Vendor should also provide ample choice and variety in terms of available e-content. They should also make sure that support is provided to new learners – especially in the initial days of LMS usage. This support can be made available through a phone hotline, live chat or even a dedicated email account. Learners can post their queries and doubts and the vendor should make sure that these are answered within a stipulated amount of time.
By following these points it is possible to invest wisely with a Learning Management System Vendor to ensure impactful learning as well as learner satisfaction. The true benefit of training can thus be permeated to the entire organization. 

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