Thursday, 12 March 2015

LMS Provides Customized Learning for the Modern Workplace

Though training and learning have always been part of the workplace, the way that people learn has changed over the last decade or so. With the advent of computers into the workplace, technology-aided learning has truly made its foray into corporate training. Learning management systems have been developed to make sure that learners can access training and a seamless system is in place to track their progress. But that is not all that online learning management systems can do. A modern learning management system is equipped to handle a lot – from content delivery, creating student evaluations and assessments, building online digital repositories, providing a platform of collaborative learning and so on. More than anything, a successful learning management system provides learning as per the needs of the learner – it is customized and personalized as required. This is what makes it a successful learning platform in the corporate scenario.

  • Most modern learning management systems have simple and logical structure. This does not deter the learner to interact more with the system and try out all its features to utilize it to the hilt. The learners do not have to learn the workings of a new system in order to access the e-courses. In addition, many learning management systems also have built-in features that allow learners or managers to customize its looks as per their linking. For instance, within the organization, a team can customize the look of the UI with in-built skins that make the platform more appealing, it also builds the solidarity of learners within that group.
  • In addition, Learning Management Systems can be integrated with existing systems which ensures that managers or administrators can assign e-courses to them on a single database – most commonly the HRMS and the learner can access it from the existing system itself. No extra sign-in are required from the learners’ end. This also suits the managers as they can prepare a learning portfolio for their employee – customized as per their learning requirements.
  • The learner themselves too can browse the learning management system and choose e-courses for customized learning. The learning management systems becomes truly beneficial when it allows the learner to decide and get the choice of learning as well. Most modern LMSs thus have a search function and catalogues within the system where learners can look for reference material, quizzes, assignments, discussions or even audio-visuals on a particular subject.
  • In addition to customization, e-learning developers should keep in mind that most learners have short attention spans. Thus text heavy and lengthy e-courses are a bad idea as they are just conversions of written training material into electronic format. To be impactful, e-courses should be segregated into smaller modules of information that the learner can access as per requirement. This helps them to retain better and access the Learning Management System for a series of short learning sessions instead of lengthy ones where they are sure to lose interest.
Learning management systems are beneficial for organizations as well as learners for many reasons. But the structure and features of the learning management system should also be created with a learner-centric focus as they are the end users of the platform. With customized learning, learner engagement can be increased and so can be the overall success of the learning endeavor.

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