Monday, 23 March 2015

Mobile Learning has become a Popular Method for Skill Development

In the area of corporate training, the benefits of mobile learning are many and most organizations are open to the idea of making their trainings available on the mobile platform. Since the learning-content is available for the learner at all times, mobile learning can be a strong platform for skill development. The endeavor is learner-driven and this makes sure that the learners are engaged with the content and can utilize it the most when they need it. In the last few years, mobile learning has made lot of progress and mobile learning management systems now make learning accessible to learners at all times. One of the early utilization of mobile learning for skill development was through the Text messages or SMS that cater to the immediate learning needs of learners. Here is an example of how mobile technology can be utilized to increase the language skills of tourists in a foreign land:

  • To begin with, Language Support Information booklets can be given at popular tourist spots like airports, hotels, popular restaurants, and so on.
  • The booklets can be informative -- providing basic introductory phrases that the learners can have handy for use.
  • In addition, the tourists can register their numbers on to a help service to receive SMS updates as per their requirement.
  • The updates are then sent to their mobiles on a regular basis.
  • Learners themselves could also request a translation of a particular phrase to or from the language and will receive an instant reply.
This model has many benefits and can be replicated for corporate training as well to deliver skill enhancement trainings.

  • The learning endeavor did not set out to achieve huge milestones in learning the language. The knowledge of the language was just enough for the tourist to feel comfortable in his new environment and be able to self-sustain.
  • These words were regularly sent out to the tourists, several times a day. By reading out the words several times a day, the learner would slowly become comfortable using them in practical scenarios.
  • On-demand requests from the learners were dealt with as well by searchable repository of words and phrases. When a learner makes a request to search a particular word/phrase, the word or phrase is directed to a database and the relevant translation is then sent back via SMS.
There are many benefits of this model:
  • This model was a start to the long way of learning a language. It provided elementary support that can help the learner communicate on a very basic level.
  • Text messages could be saved on the learner’s phone, which helped them to refresh as and when they needed to.
  • Reading the SMS was not tiresome as the length was kept very short for instant use and utilization.
Mobile technologies have many utilizations and it is a strong platform for delivery of skill enhancement trainings as well. The mobile learning platform is a powerful medium that gives out continuous support – and is therefore best utilized by the learners.

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